July 2, 2016


‘The Wanderer’¬†Introduction:¬†‘The Wanderer’, wanders the earth meaninglessly living day by day contributing nothing to society, but with the Hero Associations guidance, a Hero will surface.

Class Requirements: None.




Confused? lost? Ever wonder if you are on a path? The right one?

…..then this Class fits you well, but in the end. Do you want to be ‘The Wanderer’ until your last breath? Do you want to be in your death bed, thinking back on your life.

How will people think of you after your eyes close forever. Admiring how your friends achieved ‘S’ Class while you are still ‘The Wanderer’.

When your ready for the ‘Hero Journey’. Let’s get started by seeing if you qualify for the Level of ‘C-Class’. Then you will slowly progress and learn of what it takes to be a HERO in the ‘Hero Association’.

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