January 16, 2016

C-Class Requirements

C-Class Introduction: The C-Class Hero is the beginning stage for individuals that wants to start their ‘Hero Journey’. Start your journey now, you are not alone.

Class Requirements: All have to be met.

  1. Age: 18+
  2. Be enrolled in school or working.
  3. The will to do good and do it right.

Rewards: To celebrate your success for reaching the ‘C-Class’. You will receive the following items:

  1. C-Class Pin/Badge Identification




With this new earned Class, you are now a step higher then most people. You are attending school or working, Either way you are preparing yourself when your in school or contributing to society by working.

In this Class, you will be provided with ‘C-Class’ quests. Easy, medium, hard quests are available to choose from. You can begin by accepting one or a few easy quests to try. Then once you have gain the required statistics, more quests will unlock and appears.

On your journey, you will acquire Achievements, Titles, Statistics, and Points.

Once the required statistics are met, you can now apply for ‘B-Class’ Level.